We have significant experience of acting as counsel in commercial arbitrations, both domestic and international, and more senior members of 4 Pump Court regularly accept appointments to act as Arbitrators in such disputes. Christopher Moger QC is now a full time Arbitrator of mainly international disputes. We also have experienced Arbitrators, at different levels of seniority, who combine appointments with their practice as barristers.

Our Arbitrators accept appointments direct from parties and via arbitral institutions, such as ICC, LCIA, DIAC, HKIAC, SIAC, LMAA, KLRCA and Swiss Chamber of Commerce. In addition to appointments in arbitrations with their seat in London, 4 Pump Court Arbitrators are accustomed to travel to distant jurisdictions, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, the UAE, Australia, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, Korea as well as to the leading arbitral centres in Europe nearer to home.

For further information in relation to our Arbitrators, please contact Carolyn, 0207 842 1170.

Mediation Services

Mediation services enable parties to resolve their disputes quickly, confidentially and cost effectively. This can avoid damage to valuable commercial relationships.

We have a team of specialist mediators who will improve your chances of settlement. With our background as barristers, we have first-hand experience of the challenges that parties face in pursuing and defending claims. This means that we understand your issues. We try to find creative solutions. We press parties with serious reality testing if needed.

How We Operate

  • Mediation services can be arranged at short notice. Together, we’ll tailor our service to your dispute.
  • We are based in London but are happy to travel to wherever the parties need us – or to mediate by phone if that is required.
  • We cover disputes of all values and complexities. For simpler, lower value disputes, fixed fees packages may be available for mediators based on the amount in issue (starting at £250 per party).
  • We can help with a wide range of disputes. Please see our bios below.
  • We will make early contact with the parties, so that we can design an efficient dispute resolution process.
  • The mediation itself will usually take a full day – although sometimes a half-day mediation is enough, or even a mediation by phone. Typically mediations take place with lawyers attending – although there are no hard and fast rules about this. It all depends on the nature of dispute and the needs of the parties. Flexibility is one of the process’s strengths.
  • We can provide a mediation agreement to suit the dispute and participants.
If you think we might be able to help, please contact Carolyn McCombe:, 0207 842 1170.

Meet Our Mediators

Jeremy Nicholson QC

Jeremy is a TECBAR and ADR Chambers accredited mediator. He has experience over many years of mediations in a wide range of commercial disputes, and especially construction & engineering, insurance and professional negligence disputes. He is well known for his ability to get quickly to the heart of complex issues, his skill in dealing with difficult parties, and his determination in reaching commercial solutions. He is a firm believer in the role of mediation in achieving cost-effective results, finding lateral solutions, and preserving business relationships.

Anthony Trace QC

Anthony is a CEDR and London School of Mediation accredited mediator, who used to be a Commercial litigator for over 35 years. He uses all the experience that he gained as a litigator in his mediation practice. He understands not only the legal merits of any mediation that he deals with but also the legal and business imperatives. He is known to be incisive and practical and to be able to help participants to mediations find a way through even the most intractable dispute to negotiated agreements. Recent cases include a multi-million pound fraud case, a complex banking case and a substantial business dispute. He is on the CEDR Consumer Panel, is a Civil Mediation Council Registered Mediator, is recommended as a Mediator in Global Legal Experts 2019, and was voted Mediator of the Year in the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2019.

Michael Douglas QC

Michael is a mediator with extensive experience in the fields of information technology, general commercial and insurance litigation and professional negligence disputes in both construction and non-construction areas. He has dealt with cases at a high level in all these spheres, acting for both Claimants and Defendants. In the IT field he has additionally been involved in disputes of great sensitivity, including Government contracts. His very broad experience on both sides of the argument has given him a good understanding of the differing interests and approaches of the parties in supplier and client relationships. He is known for his commercial, realistic and pragmatic approach to litigation, and his ability to get to the crux of a problem. His experience is that mediation works and he will explore all available avenues to enable the parties to resolve their issues. He understands the burden of legal costs, management and employee time, and the potential for escalation and increasing entrenchment of views that results from extended litigation. He is extremely approachable and client friendly and uses those attributes to assist the parties in their efforts to find a consensual conclusion to their disputes.

Simon Henderson

Simon has been a CEDR accredited mediator for many years and is an experienced mediator. He also has extensive experience of acting as counsel in IT and construction disputes and is able to bring that experience to bear in his mediation practice. Before coming to the Bar, Simon worked for Accenture (then known as Andersen Consulting) so he has direct experience of actually working on large IT projects, as well as nearly 25 years of seeing the many ways in which IT and construction projects can go wrong. Simon has a relaxed, approachable and unfussy style but he is prepared to deal robustly with the parties if necessary and will engage in unflinching reality testing when the need arises. He is a firm believer in the benefits of mediation and of the flexibility which a mediated solution can bring when compared to formal dispute resolution procedures which by comparison can be hugely disruptive to a business as well as expensive and unpredictable.

Alison Potter

Alison has worked as an accredited mediator since 2005. Since then she has conducted mediations in a wide range of commercial disputes either as sole mediator or jointly with mediators specialising in different fields. She has specialised in financial services following a secondment at the FSA in 2011 but she also practices in the areas of commercial contracts, manufacturing and product development, professional negligence, banking, insurance and construction. Alison brings to bear a considerable insight into how organisations are run through her long experience of pro bono work as chairman and director of complex organisations in the charitable sector and has found this and her experience over an extensive area of commercial disputes both as advocate and mediator extremely helpful in assisting parties to resolve their disputes through mediation.

Richard Osborne

Richard has developed a wide-ranging practice as a leading junior in the fields of Information Technology & Telecoms and construction law. Throughout this time he has been consistently praised not only for his legal ability in quickly grasping complex disputes, but also for being approachable, patient and pragmatic with those involved in highly-charged cases. Chambers & Partners 2019 states that Richard “has great people skills and a wonderful sense of humour" and that he is "approachable, relaxed and self-assured, he's willing to think around a problem with you." Having been involved in multiple successful mediations in practice, Richard is now bringing these same skills to the role of mediator.

Iain Munro

Iain is a CEDR accredited mediator and a specialist in information technology, energy & construction, and shipping & shipbuilding disputes. He is passionate about mediation and the importance of access to it, acting pro bono for community disputes and smaller claims at the Royal Courts of Justice. This is because mediation can diffuse entrenched disputes and achieve settlements tailored to the interests of the parties. For example, he has been involved in complex IT implementations which have gone wrong. If fully contested, legal costs will be high and management time drawn from more profitable activity: the mediation process may provide a mutually-beneficial escape, with relationships intact. From his experience as an advocate for employers and construction professionals (as well as having done a self-build himself), he understands the personal investment of all parties in construction projects – big and small – and the need for the kind of creative, pragmatic solutions that parties can find in a mediation.