We take recruitment of pupils extremely seriously. We recognise that attracting talented individuals with the ability to become top-class advocates and training them carefully is a key part of retaining Chambers' position as a leading set in the areas of law in which we practice.

4 Pump Court prides itself on its reputation as an approachable and friendly place to work. Whilst our pupils can expect to work hard and be challenged intellectually during their time with us, we offer a supportive environment where constant feedback and early courtroom experience combine to offer pupils the best possible start to a career practising at the Bar.

The pupillage award is £70,000, of which £15,000 can be drawn down during the BPTC year. In addition our pupils retain the fees which they earn during their second six. As a result we are confident that the overall earnings of our pupils is at least equivalent to that at the other leading commercial sets.

Pupillage at 4 Pump Court involves working with three pupil supervisors: the first two for 3 month periods and the third for the final six months. All our pupil supervisors are friendly and approachable, and we aim to give our pupils a rounded experience of Chambers' key practice areas. The first six months will involve training from your pupil supervisors in the work of a commercial barrister. You will accompany your supervisor to Court and conferences with clients and produce written work which your supervisor will review in order to offer you feedback.

In the second six months you will spend a significant proportion of your time in the County Courts. You will quickly gain valuable experience of arguing cases in front of District Judges and Circuit Judges in a variety of common law matters, such as personal injury, sale of goods and insurance disputes. You continue to work with your pupil supervisors in the second six months, but at the same time you develop your own varied advocacy and advisory practice. During pupillage there are four formal assessments- two pieces of written work and two advocacy exercises, each assessed by members of Chambers other than the pupil supervisors. You will receive detailed feedback at each stage to ensure that you are able to develop your talents and gain a real-life understanding of the skills required of a commercial barrister.

4 Pump Court has a strong record of recruitment from its pupils. There is no quota of any sort, and we have in some recent years offered tenancies to all of our pupils. Where pupils are not offered tenancies they have an excellent record of finding third six pupillages elsewhere.