The clerks are your first point of contact and possess an unrivalled knowledge of each barrister’s practice. They are able to recommend either a single barrister or an entire team best suited to deal with each individual case.

We are anxious that our clients understand the rationale behind fees charged and are satisfied with the value of work done and we appreciate that both professional and lay clients need to budget for the likely cost of a particular item of work or of long running litigation. Our clerks are always prepared to provide the best estimates they can from their own experience and from consultations with the barrister concerned and we use costs budgeting functionality within our fee system to ensure that costs stay within any agreed case budget.

If you need urgent assistance outside of normal business hours please either call +44 (0)20 7842 5555 and leave a voicemail message with your contact details or send an email to and a clerk will contact you.

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